Thursday, December 17, 2009

Medical Emergency

Remember I talk about my very pregnant bitch, Snowie? Exactly after 2 months, she was supposed to deliver her babies. However, on Monday, we found her bahaviour "funny". Mummy couldn't sleep on Monday night and searched the internet on canine pregnancy. Then, on Tuesday morning, we found greenish discharge. We knew immediately that she had a medical emergency. It meant that her water bag had broken and if the babies weren't taken out immediately, all the babies would be dead. We took a day leave to look for a vet. He came and gave her two jabs, one antibiotic and another to induce contraction. Nothing happened for the whole day.
On Tuesday, we went to see a vet again. She told us that there was nothing we could do because the babies were dead and once contraction was over, there was no way to induce another one. So, she gave us 3 days supply of antibiotic and steriod to stablise snowie's (for RM30!) condition and just hope that she won't die.
We have been forcing her to eat 1-2 raw eggs a day and gave her multi vitamin. Otherwise, she just refused to eat anything.
Today is Friday and she still run around as if nothing had happened. She was barking at stranger this morning and enjoyed her meal of bone!
But for the last few days, she was weak and we thought that she would die from toxin.
We found two dead babies in the compound and there must be some more inside her.
Compare this to human...human would be dead the monent the contraction stop and if the baby was stuck. During the good old days, there was a saying that when a woman gave birth, one of her legs was on the bed and another would be hanging on a coffin. It shows how dangerous is child birth.
I hope snowie is ok.

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wenn said...

hope she is fine..