Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You want to earn BIG money?

When talking about making BIG money, I have been receiving e-mail for the last few days telling me that I strike lottery, business invitation, etc. So, here are some samples:

Miss. Moreen Kabba,
From Accra Ghana - West Africa.
Pls try to email me;

My Dear,

I come across your profile here and have decided to get in touch with you after My prayer, to see if you can help me solve my problem.

My name is Miss. Moreen Kabba, The Daughter of late (Mr. Albert Kabba) Who lost his life in the course of the crisis here in Ghana on the 7th of November last year on his way to their company (Nestle Food Plc).

My father willed in cash, the sum of $6.5 Million US Dollars which he deposited in a Fixed/ Suspense account here in Accra Ghana in West Africa, with enabling conditions for the release of the money which are as follows:

Who cares about her problem. Soon it will be my huge problem if I ever responded!

Now, whoever believe this must have the brain at the wrong place!

From: N L L (
Sent: Tuesday, 17 Nov, 2009 6: 58 PM

£1,500,000.00 have be awarded to your email. Send us your details as

I received another e-mail about my hotmail account going to be de-activated unless I responded with userid, password, etc.
I hope that no one will fall into these scam! They are getting more and more ridiculous!


Anonymous said...

it is very common nowadays as my mail boxes were filled with those too.. there is nothing as free lunch in this world, dont u just believe it?

Gabriel said...

haha...i also got a lot. all i just put in spam box already. thanks to gmail, they did a good job in filtering all these spams...:)

reanaclaire said...

hehe...if all these are true, most of us are billionaires by now.. always seem to be receiving this on and offf...

wenn said...

as for me, i always delete those e-mails straight away..