Monday, November 16, 2009

Marcus & Lily Wedding

Attached is just some of my "point-and-shoot" wedding photos of Marcus and Lily. They are both my colleague and church friend. As I was not an official photographer, I have the opportunity to watch how professional works and also to connect with them. At the same time, I take the opportunity to shoot from angles which I think "assistance" may cover.
Lily's father brought her into the church...
Exchange of ring...

Lighting up the "unity candle"
In the evening, they have the dinner reception at Eastwood Valley. I like their hall! The place is big.
Cutting of cakes... done 10 times each with different blessing!
I actually took a lot of photos but I will post them on my facebook later.
Update: 70+ photos have now been up uploaded to my facebook album.


wenn said...

interesting church wedding..

ladyviral said...

Oh wow, I wanted a church wedding too. It would of been easy.

I would love to have a wedding in a park even! Too bad our wedding here is too hot for it.

Lovely couple :) for great shots. I love the first picture the most ^_^.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

The lighting for the hall gives a very romantic air!! I like it very much...accidental or deliberate shot?

May be it is the candle light.

Kenny Oh Ngu said...

1st photo and last photo very nice.

suituapui said...

Wow! Really grand. Seems that Eastwood is THE place in Miri to hold one's wedding banquet? My blogger-friend planning to have hers there 4th day of CNY...but I think I will have to go to KL then to send my daughter off - she's expected to leave for NZ 3rd day of CNY. So I will not be able to go to Miri then to attend the wedding... SIGH!

William said...

wenn: The process of a church wedding is almost all the same.

ladyviral: Are you a Christian? If yes, then a church wedding should be the preferred way for you.

CY: You mean the lighting of the Eastwood hall? Everything is as happen...I just look for the angle and the right moment and "shoot"!

ANonymous: Yes, indeed!

Kenny: Thanks. Since I am not obliged to give away any photos, I have the opportunity to experiment with the setting on my camera. So, the colour may appear "interesting". Thanks for the couple to bring in expert, otherwise, we are not exposed!

stp: Yes and yes. I think it is a good place. I like the lighting and the lighting is "camera friendly". Tell your friend that she can hire me to be her photographer.