Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Communal veranda - Ruai

The communal veranda - Ruai, is a place where everyone in the longhouse meets. It is a place where gathering or meeting happens. This is also a place to promote "togetherness". It has been a place for 1Malaysia years before our PM even dreams about it. Perhaps, the next initiative is for housing estate to be built in this manner!
The Ruai is a huge veranda joining all the families who stay in their own unit, each having their own access door.
It is a place for play or dance ...
... a place for lots of fun!
Also a place to sleep for visitors when the rooms inside is full. The host also stay outside with us! So, technically, a long house like this can accommodate hundreds of "sleepers".
It is also a place for singing in small group... led by Daslin here.
A place to celebrate and share meals...
... and they automatically group themselves, ie, ladies with ladies, kids with kids ...
When it comes to food, everyone helps... age does not matter anymore!
I am sure this is a good place for romance... but in this case singing praises to God!
It is also a perfect place to play game as proven by Grace! The children were so obedient and followed instruction quickly.
Oh... a perfect place for the elderly to play with their grandchildren and to chat with other longhouse folks.

(Note: To my Iban readers, please do correct me for any inaccuracies or anything you would like to add)


ladyviral said...

A long house like this.. good for the kids to play catching! SO far to run! But bad place to play hide n' seek hehehe :P

suituapui said...

What a nice longhouse - so new! Not the traditional kind! Bet you had a good time there!

wenn said...

nice get together..

Peter Yong said...

hi bro William, you think u can help compile it and put it up at the GMC blog's testimony for encouragement and future reference? Tq. Bro.Peter