Monday, November 23, 2009

Ah Jon Has a Job Now

Ah Jon just finished his exam last Thursday and he is filled with passion "to do a lot of things" but he has no money! This means that he has to work to make extra money.
He saw an advertisement for a part time IT technician in the newspaper. He quickly called them up and went for interview on Saturday. When asked on his expected salary, he asked for only RM600 per month. I asked him how is he proposing to pay for his petrol, etc. Only then he realised that he is asking for far too little. Today he got a call and asked him to go and report for work. He was offered an extra RM300 to cover for his petrol.
So, if one is not fussy, it seems that it is not too difficult to find a job in Miri.

Talking about making money, our little boy Joshua is also finding ways to make extra money from his classmate! So during his birthday a few days ago, he lamented that he was probably the only boy in this world who had to buy himself birthday present! He was interested to buy a science book costing RM22 and he was short of 20 cents. So, I gave him the 20 cents he needed, brought him to the "book exhibition" only to find that the place was now closed! He was obviously upset about it and he quietly keep his money back in the box.
Joshua had been "feeding his money into the tiger's mouth" as Timmy put it. (Timmy felt that he wasted money to buy junk things/food in school). But he still has RM22 left considering that we didn't give him any pocket money at all!


Janice said...


whoa where did joshua get RM21.80 from? so resourceful eh?

suituapui said...

That's great! Good luck, Jon! At this moment, one should be grateful for any job at all - economy's so bad. Even government could not pay salaries on time - delayed by a few days!

ladyviral said...

Good luck on the new job to ah Jon!

It is hard to find a good paying job now... least the employer was good enough to offer an extra RM300 for the petrol. Most employer would just brush it off.

reanaclaire said...

wow..JON is really something.. should teach my Andy how to help around the family..i guess i pamper him too much.. 2months at home and not doing anything much.. sigh..

eugene said...

All the way Jon, i guess i learnt a lesson from Jon here,, sometime, if we dont ask for more,ironically, we will be given more............good one

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Good on you Jon. I heard some graduates even have to accept 700 ringgit in Miri for certain jobs. So they have to board free with parents (savings of at least 600 ringgit for room and food). How much are you giving your parents for food and lodging now? Just curious how much Will Ting would say is a good
Well done Jon.

lasapka said...

that's good, so i will find ah jon to cia lim teh after he collects his first pay.



@Janice: I chia you SOOOOOOOOOOO Many times, how many times already? I lost count.

@The rest: Yeah time for me to work. earn some money and probably it will be splurged onto the car.

But I will save As much as possible. Saving my money as long as possible.

Cynthia said...

such a good news for Jon!! All the best in his new undertakings.. :D and yes, if we are not 'priced' high, we can get a job easily. :D

Your children are all very good and smart!! Good Job Daddy and Mummy!

mousie said...

didn't chia me... sob sob sob... :'(

Merryn said...

William, you have raised your children well. They have grown into great individuals. Congratulations. :)

William said...

Thanks to all your encouragements! I know that I have many virtual friends here! I suppose one of our main objectives in life is to be able to bless others.
Cynthia, Merryn, thanks! You are great mum too! I am sure your kid(s) will be great in future.
mousie: they will chia you next time.
lasapka: Where are you now? I thought you are in WM? Sure, we can cia lim teh!
CY: If he can save his $$, I am already very happy!
Claire: Chase Andy out of the house and cut off all his allowances! Hahaha... ok ok, encourage him to find a job.
Ladyviral, Eugene: Life is strange and full of surprises!
STP: That is serious! Gov may go bankrupt or not? They are about to use up all the crude oil and timber!

William said...

Janice: He is resourceful. To cut a long story short, he earned money by "playing computer game" for others! hahaha...

stephanie said...

hahahahhaa...joshy and jon are the same like me...runs in the genes..what to do..hahaha..

Last time when I was in primary school, I actually sell my drawings for money...made quite a bit...haha..I think daddy mummy probably didn't know that...hahahahaa

Now I cut hair for 5 pounds per person!!!! Woot! =p