Sunday, November 29, 2009

Accident at Jee Foh 4 (outside Yakin)

This afternoon at about 1:00PM, there was a motorcycle-car collision. It happened along the junction of Red Crescent road and Jee Foh 4.
This red Toyota turned into Jee Foh 4 and a motorcycle coming along the main road collided with the car.The pillion rider was ok but the bike rider had a broken leg and arm.
I happen to pass by the place and was concern whether ambulance had been called. So, I also stay there to witness how the medical evacuate him.
The medical team was efficient and surely they know what to do in the most professional manner.
See the damage. For the benefit of 4D friends, the number of the car is 1729.


lasapka said...

next time take picture must show out the plate number ... baru can hamtam magnum toto lolz

William said...

lasapka: Purposely missed out. Ok, the number is 1729.

wenn said...

oh dear..teruk..

reanaclaire said...

that must be awfully painful.. the other day one lady motorcylist died after being dragged by a lorry, just meters away from my office.. in fact, the accident happened 5 min later when i reached office.. when we went out for tea, her body was still covered on the roadside ... sigh... so pitiful..

William said...

Claire: It is just a bunch of careless 4 wheeler drivers. Also, the motorcyclist can be very careless as well.
In this case, just broken bone. The victim can still talk and make call.

Wenn: Ya, teruk... I pity the victim.

i e R said...

WT, i lol when u put out the plate number for toto's fan.

motorcyclist should have know the risk they have taken when they chosen bike as their transportation. they should always be extra careful, although sometimes accident are cause by opposite group.

suituapui said...

Eyew...why can't everybody drive slowly...and be more careful?

ladyviral said...

My oh my... that is really bad :/

stan-melb said...

that turning always been accident happen for ages. never the council wish to install a traffic light for that turning.
people like to take advantage for such bcos of incoming cars.