Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Stung by hornet

We have been hearing about hornet attack on a family of five which resulted in the death of 2 siblings and another one in critical condition. I just wanted to relate my own experience.
Two years ago, I was also stung three times by hornets. I can tell you that it was very painful! After the stung, I felt like fainting! I was in Sarikei at that time and was on my way to Sibu. I immediately went to Sibu and see a doctor. Guess what, my blood pressure shot up to 220! Normal is 120-130! No wonder people faint or die from such a sting.
My advice is never to venture into unknown bush or places where you are not familiar or you see big bees flying around!
Talking about bees, do you think that bees become aggressive when seeing unfamiliar people? I was in Sibu visiting my friend. I was walking along a path and suddenly a bee stung me! My friend, who has been staying there, was never bitten before! Tell me your experience if you have one.


kenwooi said...

thankfully you're safe..
must be a scary experience! =)


wenn said...

u could still stand the pain..salute u..

William said...

kenwooi: It was very scary. Imagine I felt like fainting. I could feel my blood pressure! I could have drop dead from a heart attack.

wenn: I have to! I need to stay alive cos I have so many kids who need me!

Merryn said...

Seriously, that bad??? Goodness, scary! Nope, fortunately I have no such experience to share here. I was bitten by a rooster and a goose before though. lol

suituapui said...

When I was young, I lived in a wooden house and in the afternoons, I would have my nap on the floor and I accidentally got into contact with a bee on the floor and it stung me. It seemed that the poison got into my bloodstream and my whole body started swelling up like a balloon. My dad had to rush me to a doctor for an injection...and the swelling subsided and everything was ok after that!

That's why I removed my two big quinie trees beside my house. The beed had their hive somewhere else. At sunset, the whole swarm would fly back in a thick cloud and morning, they'd come again. I was afraid my daughter would get stung. Those trees - even after distributing the fruits to friends and relatives two or three rounds - I could still sell in the town and make RM200-300 each time.

ladyviral said...

Never got bitten before. But I won't want to try :X

fei lo said...

Brother William,
start to make enzyme yourself and use it for cleaning your house compound.the strong smell will deter the whatever bees to get near your compound or backyard.