Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some flowers to cheer u up ...

After reading all the bad news and the needs to apply job again, I thought I have to cheer myself up by looking at nature...the creation which is perfect, never need to pay service tax or looking for job!
#1 Mushroom
#2 Maize
#3 Jathropha.
#4 Not too sure whether this is wild flowers.
#5 Oh, someone said this allamanda is poisonous! Any truth? (Thanks to STP for the name).
#7 This is definitely wild flower.
#8 Lonely tiny flower.
#9 Cluster of star fruit flower.
#10 Nice Rangoon Creeper. It smells lovely and the flowers are abundant on the stems, changing colors as they get older, from whitish, light pink and then to red). Easily grown, as you can use stem cuttings. Like its name, its best when you allow it to creep along borders and walls. (contributed by anonymous).
#11 Ixora (Contibuted by "housewife9988")
#11 Ri2 You
Cat whisker! Can be used as herb.


suituapui said...

The yellow one's allamanda...

William said...

STP: Yes, that's right! Thanks.

Andrik McVean said...

wow...william...they are so beautiful bah..i like!!! did u upload all those pictures without ruining the imagie quality? because all the pictures i took are quite nice but when i uploaded on my blog they looked so bad and seems like the pictures were taken using a cheap camera...any tips boss?

William said...

Andrik: I compress the picture myself before uploading. I use FSResizer or Photoscape. The sizes I like are between 400-800 pixel on the long side.

Cynthia said...

nice nice! it's good to look at the nature whenever we got time.. :D great!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

God's love is free. His creation is wonderful.
If we are faithful to Him we will be blessed. This is His promise to us.

wenn said...

lovely flowers..

William said...

Synthia: Yes. It is pleasing to the eyes.

CY: Yes, may God bless you too.

Wenn: Thanks. They are just ordinary garden flower or weed.

housewife9988 said...

Pic. 3 - Jathropha
10 - Ixora
11 - in chinese is Ri2 You
12 - Bleeding heart?

I m also guessing .. hope you will double check with msian nature society n let us know.. so kind of you uploading so wonderfully snapped photos..

I ever bought one book on flowers from Miri Public Book store years ago for rm145/- but most flowers r not local.. sigh!...

CY said...

Hi again. Love the flowers and you know what, the tiny red flowers is just out there in my garden! Plenty of them blooming up as winter is creeping up. Have a nice day. CY.