Saturday, October 10, 2009

Most Expensive Private (Public) bridge

Anyone wishing to go from Miri to Brunei must use the Asian Bridge across the Baram river. This bridge was "privatised" to build and then collect toll. It must be due to the low traffic flow that the charges are so high. Just see... I think those using Penang bridge must feel relief now...
... there is opening hours to this bridge! If you miss the closing time, you have to sleep in the car during the last 20KM of your journey into the town. My friends from W.M. was stuck at this point and spend a night here!
See... no kidding!
By the way, I was stuck at the immigration on Brunei side once and had to spend a night on the road side feeding mosquitoes! The gate close at 10:00PM sharp! So be early.


Vincent said...

it seems to be convenient initially, after all it is still not..

suituapui said...

It IS expensive but isn't it better than the ferry? I used to hear of people queuing for hours...

People complain about the Lanang Bridge here being expensive but this is worse!

Private people building the bridge so they collect toll to get back the money - fair enough! Fewer uses, higher toll...but this one, I'm sure, is used by a lot of people?...And I guess they have to "feed" certain people too for the opportunity to build the bridge... Maybe this one, they have to feed both sides, that's why so expensive!

Canon In D 1909 said...

now everything needs money. Soon, I believe everyone will be materialized.

William said...

Vincent: Yes, actually it is convenient but limited with an opening hours. No logic but then, there is hardly any traffic after the immigration close. Have to wait for the township in Sg. Tujuh to be ready.

AT: hahaha... anything we can do?

STP: True, better than ferry which used to cost RM5 but having to wait for hours is no fun also. The Baram river is quite huge! Rumor has it that the gov gave the "developer" plenty of land in order to entice them to build. So, looks like "win-win".

Canon: Hahaha... the younger generation must be more active in politic. That is the way to get rich or to change the system.