Friday, October 16, 2009

In a hurry to eat moon cake?

Nowadays, the price of moon cake is simply unbelievable! Those imported from West Malaysia can easily cost more than RM12 each, ie, 2 pounds or US$3.5 each. Those in presentation pack can cost even more. This year, we received a box from my brother-in-law in KL (oh, just realise that I forgot to put it in this blog. Will do it soon) and another one from Miri. Otherwise, we will never buy them....well maybe.
The sales of moon cake was slow and I saw a lot of left over in the supermarkets. So, I expect discount, perhaps 50-60% off, but instead, they were going for just RM1.00 each. So...
we bought four of them for RM4.00 only whereby the normal price would have been more than RM48.00. However, the "bin pe" or snowy skin moon cake didn't look perfect. But for RM1, I wouldn't care as long as it was not rotten. And they did taste perfect!
So, if we are not too "fussy" over eating moon cake only before and not after the Mid Autumn festival, then just wait until everyone has their fill and you pick up the huge bargain later.


I Am Sarawakiana said...

Good idea.
Reminds me of myself waiting for the tousa (in 1970's) mooncake. As poor and frugal university students my college mates and I waited for the day of the moon cake festival to buy one moon cake each at 50% discount before the shop closed for the festival. The lady was very kind and gave us two extra. Always remember our moon cake lady after that. We bought from her for four years until we graduated.

I still cannot buy 12.50 ringgit mooncake!! Too much is too much.

ladyviral said...

Cheap mooncakes. RM1... good deal. I guess people should buy mooncake when the season is about to end :P.

Janice said...

so cheap! Rm1 is almost nothing!

mousie said...

I also want to eat mooncakes... should have bring some here... sob sob

flower said...

Rm1. Unbelieveable price. Don't know still got or not. Wanna to check it out later.

William said...

CY: RM12.50 a piece is simply too much! I can't get myself to buy too.

ladyviral: Yes, that is what I did. It was actually after the festival.

Janice, Mousie: ya, very cheap. I did propose you bring some over. Never mind, it is not healthy to eat too much.

flower: No more lah. It was because of the approaching due date thingy.

AM: no lah, not yet due date. Still got many more days to go.