Friday, October 23, 2009

Finally ... CVs submitted

Our company is currently undergoing the so called Managed Open Resourcing.

In simple term, it is a reorganisation and restructuring exercise. The last one was some 10 years ago. The result of this exercise is that the company should be leaner, more effective and more profitable. The bad news is that some jobs will be lost. No one knows how many will have to go.

So, all of us need to apply for job! There will only be a certain number of "vacancies" and we must all write our own CV and apply for the jobs being advertised.

The good news is that after spending many hours writing our CVs and browsing the jobs available, we have finally submitted our applications. Lets pray that we can all have jobs.


Janice said...

I pray that both daddy and mummy will be able to get the jobs

William said...

Janice: smack smack smack... yea, thanks for your prayers!

Janice said...

daddy: ouch ouch ouch? daddy smack me for what haha

Daddy said...

hahaha... kissed you for being our good girl! I checked the dictionary to ensure that it is the right word:

10. a resounding or loud kiss.

chchoo said...

we need to clone you before you are free to retire.