Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ah Jon in 3-piece suit

Ah Jon has been preparing for group presentation for days and has been bugging me to dress him up "formally". So, here he goes...
He took a shower...combed his hair!
... and here he is after putting on this 3-piece suit. He likes it and is very excited about it. Last week, he had another presentation but he put on a tie, long sleeve shirt and jean. His friends commented that he actually combed his hair but wearing a tie with jean. So, today, he is determined to "put it right"! Doesn't he looks handsome?
Do you notice that his complexion is very fair? That is one of the side effects of his medication.


mousie said...

whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... looks good!! Looks so leng zai ah... haha

TZ said...

He look like a character in 上海滩. Hmmm... what presentation that he needs to put on three pieces? Must be very important one...

All the best to his presentation eh~

ladyviral said...

Good luck on his presentation.

Definitely look smart and handsome now :). Make sure to tell him to smile ;). Make it less stressful.

reanaclaire said...

Looks like a real chinese man.. pure bred.. hahaa.. btw, he has your looks, William.. ying choon..

Annie Q said...

Wow...he look smart.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

What presentation did he do?

Yeah - just like one of those Mainland Chinese movie character.
All he needs is a hat...and also lighting up a cigarette!!!

In time to come...he will be a well groomed guy in town.

suituapui said...

Chip of the old block! Just like the father!...How much is that suit? Gosh...I only had one made when...I got married! Hahahahaha!

flower said...

phew...Jon is handsome with suit on. A grown up boy. He does wear glasses, doesn't he? If he wears glasses of any kind, I think he looks more yantau lor. Yea, his first picture, his complexion is fair but the second picture not obvious at all. Anyway, wish Jon best of health and also sad to hear none of the siblings' marrows suit him. Take care Jon

Janice said...

yeah. i think jon with glasses on will be better. and need to change his glasses a bit haha. He really looks like daddy

William said...

TZ: Apparently the presentation is part of the presentation/communication skill he learned. Not sure whether this would contribute to his final mark.
ladyviral: He doesn't know how to smile into the camera.
claire: I hope it is good look! hahaha
AM: cool... tks.
Annie Q: ya... surprises me as well.

CY: Hmmmmmm maybe I should dress him up that way and see. hahahaha

STP: hahaha...thanks God that this chip has young cells! This suit is free lah. My friend gave me.

Flower: Long time no hear from you. I hope all is well.He wears glasses and that is what my wife said. Should have asked him to put on glasses. Tks.

Janice: Agree with you. Hahaha

God bless you all! Friends, take care.