Saturday, September 26, 2009

Miracle fruit - Synsepalum dulcificum Daniell

Have you heard of a fruit that could make sour turns sweet? For example, after eating this fruit, lime actually tastes sweet! Meet this most unusual fruit or rather berry from my brother's farm in Limbang.
The berry is about 2cm long and it has a seed inside. The flesh is quite thin.It is very colourful when ripe. Otherwise, it is green in colour. So, I decided to ask mousie to test it out ...
... after a bite of this lime...
yak... very sour...
... then, we told her to eat a miracle berry and the same lime is now sweet!
Timothy also agreed that it was not sour. So, we heard about the miracle berry and now, we tried it... it is indeed true as claimed! It can turn sour into sweetness! Read more about it here.


Gabriel said... what is it called? is it because of the flesh of the berry is very sweet?

wenn said...

wow..would like to taste it now..hehe..

kenwooi said...

well.. it looks sour to me..
but since you said it's sweet... i should be then.. =P

William said...

Gab: No, there is something in there. Check out the reference web on my blog.

wenn: come to Limbang and I am sure my brother would be more than happy to let you taste :)

kenwooi: yes, I don't believe it either! But true.

Anonymous: Very fast... a few months only to grow fruits. I need to steal one from my brother! I worry that he will break my arm if I do that.

Anonymous said...

Hi, William

Ai Mee here. Would like to ask you where is the farm located? Would like to go there for a visit.

Thanks very much.


William said...

Ai Mee, it is in Limbang. Are you familiar? It is just by the roadside. As you go from Brunei to Limbang, you will come across the graveyard of Methodist Church, etc on the right. Immediately after you pass the Methodist graveyard, you go up the slope. At the top of the slope on the left, you will see a house with a tent outside selling fruit. That is the place! I blog about him last time. I will blog some more.