Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maybank Customer Alert‏ - Beware!

I received this in my hotmail today. Please note that this mail is NOT from Maybank. If you receive such a mail, you must not click on any link. It looks real but the link behind is to someone else at jpcentral1.demon.co.uk, ie, a real demon! So, be warned!

By the way, they can't even spell name correctly!
Maybank Alert Customer (customer-alert@maybank.com.my)
Tuesday, 29 Sep, 2009 12: 57 AM
Customer Alert
Your Maybank2u.com account has been locked for security reasons (e.g you may have exceeded the number you may login to your account or because of too many failed login attempts ).You must authenticate again
Please login at mybank2u to restore your account access.
Maybank Berhand


wenn said...

i use maybank..thx for the info..

Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

If mybank2u then all the money will go to my pocket bank,hahaha.

Maybank got tiger to look after still more secure.

Nowadays people intend to tipu,curi, rompak & etc here end there.

Be carefullah.. anyway thanks for your good information,tq

Canon In D 1909 said...

I have read the articles of the Maybank. It stated that Maybank will not email their users. Even if they do, it's better to take extra precaution by calling the customer service. Prevention is better than cure. :D

Kong said...

Personally, if I ever have to log onto a bank's website, I always type in the web address yourself or use google to locate the address.

I will NEVER click on any link in any email, even if it is a genuine email from Maybank.

William said...

Just need to be extra careful when ever you are asked to enter userid and password. Never simply use it like what Kong said.