Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Latest Figurine

Ah Jon got his latest delivery of figurine today. It came all the way in from Hong Kong by FedEx special delivery. And this figurine is heavy! I think it is probably more than 1kg. It will really hurt if you are being hit by this object! Even the broom is very heavy as if it is made from solid steel.
Ah Jon claimed that this figurine has a market value of RM800! I have no idea how much it is worth but I know it is expensive from the look and feel. This figurine is about a foot tall.
I saw a lot of "low quality figurines" in a hypermarket in Miri and comparing their quality to this one, they are miles apart!


Janice said...

aiya i missed it by a week. Jon told me that it will arrive after i hv gone.

William said...

haha...ya. I saw it yesterday only.

wenn said...

wow..nice one..

Jon said...


Whole figurine is made up of a material call "Cold Cast"

2 Materials mold together become 1.

And this is actually 3.1 Kg...