Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You have eaten your meals today?

I was reading a letter in The Star on Sunday and was amazed with an 18 years old who was abandoned by the parents because they were divorced. She said that she was good at studies but because of the situation, her results dropped quite badly. She stayed in an orphanage for two years and I am sure that she was quite well fed.
Then she was thinking of suicide because she felt unwanted and a looser.
On Monday, I was chatting with my colleague in my office pantry and asked what she is having for a meal. Then she related to me that while she was studying in UNIMAS in Kuching, she had only ONE meal a day. Morning and lunch, she can't afford to eat and evening, she took one small piece of curry puff and a small soy bean milk. This went on for three years! I think this meal cost less than RM1.00.
I almost fainted! She has a fighting spirit... a determination to succeed irrespective of situation and environment. I hope that everyone can have this kind of winning spirit.
So, if you are feeling that you are a looser, feeling hungry... don't give up! Jia yu jia yu! Just be focus and concentrate on a goal in life!

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