Saturday, August 01, 2009

Photography talk

The photography talk organised by Miri Youth and Miri Photographic society went on smoothly. The speaker is Mr Khaw from Penang. He is an action event photographer and some modeling shot.
The event was held at one of the conference rooms at Eastwood Golf and Country Club.
The talk went on for about an hour. He talk about his experiences and about camera shutter speed and aperture. To a novice, this talk is not going to help them becoming an expert overnight. Perhaps, the talk may even be counter productive! To me, I did learn something useful ... ie, what is his normal camera setting for the various event. And that is all I am interested in.
Perhaps, for a novice, they don't even know what he is talking about other than seeing him showing off his photos. More important, you learn some more when you are out doing the practical.
I met Dr. Tan from Limbang and I agree with him that we are not here to learn how to use the various buttons on the camera or how shutter or aperture work. Or what is depth of field. We learn how he becomes successful in his field, the photos he shot, the angle, etc... I enjoy his photos and I also confirmed that I am on the right track with the setting.
In a nut shell:
1. Know your camera. Brand is not important;
2. Know when to use the various settings, ie, shutter or aperture priority or manual;
3. Be safe when you shoot events;
4. Be wise in the choice of the lens you use;
5. He touches a little on the use of flash.
During the field practice, many more questions were asked and he happily shared with everyone. That is important.
So, if there are enough people interested in the most basic of photography, perhaps I should start a class!


Lions Club of Limbang Mandarin said...

It was nice meeting you. Keep in touch.

Dr Mark Tan

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Sorry I missed the session....but if you are to start a class may be I could join!

Gabriel said...
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Gabriel said...

I am interested and really wish to join if u start a class. :)

chchoo said...

Uncle William, can offer an online course ar?

William said...

Dr. Mark, nice meeting you! I will be in Limbang in 2 weeks! Perhaps, if time permit, I will pop in to say hello!

CY, Gabriel: I thought that you are all expert already! Perhaps, I should start a syllabus!

CHC: hahaha... if I go to Holland, I will stay at your place and guide you for free in exchange for free squatting.