Monday, August 24, 2009

Mission to Balingian & Selangau

We have two teams led by Aaron Hii and Winston who set out to visit our brothers and sisters in Christ in the area of Selangau and Balingian respectively. I went with Winston who went to Rh Nanggai and Rh Chandang

We first gathered in front of our church in the early hours on Saturday. Aaron is the man in black on the right (back row) and Winston is the man on Aaron's right.

My group went to Sibu-Bintulu junction for breakfast.
Just as we were about to leave, the group led by Dasline also arrived. So, we have some friendly exchange... and we were on the way to Rh Nanggai, 102 KM from Sibu.
On arrival, lunch was already prepared by the long house folks. Many in our group is a first timer to a long house and naturally, there were many "first". For example, being served with a plate of fresh water snail! Eating snail was nothing new to me and I had been feasting on snail when I was young... so, do consider myself as an "expert" in this area!
So, I took the opportunity to encourage the young generation to eat snail and also to teach them how to get the flesh out of the shell! I have to say that we were quite successful in eating snail and they all enjoyed the meal very much!
After lunch, we were busy with our "programme". First, ice breaker! They played "London Bridge is falling down"...
... and these two were facinated by this ...
... cat! I just wonder whether this cat reminded you about your childhood? Did you notice anything different in this cat?

Just in case you still haven't figured out... the whisker has been "cut"! That was what most kids do to cats as they don't know the use of the whisker. Someone told me that the cat loses it balance after one side is being cut! I hope you are not reaching for your scissors now and chase after your cat.
I took 1000+ photos. This is just teh beginning. More to come...


AhDear_Yvonne said...

The left ear...???

William said...

AhDear_Yvonne: The left ear has mysteriously been clipped!