Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 1: Mission Balingian

The story continues from my last blog entry ...
In this trip, everyone has something to do... Lisa is an expert in massage. So she will massage anyone who needed it!
... the children were divided into two age groups, viz, primary and secondary school.
Winston and Brian led the youth ... with songs, games, etc.
The younger children were told a story accompanied by peppet show. The kids simply love these characters ...
At the meantime, Winston and Brian had a good time playing game with the youths. There was so much laughter.
A very important ministry ... dental care led by Dr. Lee!
The younger children did craft.
Winston led the older groups with teaching and talking about human behaviour. They were then given a "test" to find out their individual "personality".
Never mind how old you are, you can join in the game and craft.
They were some of the "customers" of Dr. Lee.
Cheryl was one of the "teachers".
I was the chief cook doing "stomach evangelism"! Good food makes people happy and relax!
Evening came ... the sun set beyond the harvested padi field.
They have fried fish, sliced meat, veg, steamed fish... We brought a lot of food from Miri and Porky Shop kindly sponsored the meat.
Our Iban friends are extremely polite people. The guests must eat first before they went to the table.
After dinner, we had praise and worship and then watch a movie.
We had technical problem with the computer. The subtitle of the film won't show. Thanks to Ah Jon who helped to fix the problem through the phone. Just realised that we need to use Windows media player classic.
Winston, our team leader, did a day review before we all went to sleep.

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