Sunday, July 12, 2009

Visit to MMU (Daicon)

We went to Cyberjaya yesterday to visit Daicon exhibition. I wasn't too sure what was in store for me (except Jon) until I was there. It was quite a journey because, first, my GPS mess up, then I make a wrong turn and ended up taking 1 hour instead of 30 minutes! I realised that Daicon is actually something for Japanese culture, ie, not for adult but for kids and teens. It was all about Anime and games convention! For the first time, I saw so many figurines and all the admirers. It seems that figurines are mostly admired by boys for obvious reason. I took many photos and this is my first installment ... enjoy!
The great hall of MMU.

Do come back again for more pictures ....


Teresa Schultz said...

These anime character figurines are cute! And well phoographed. Well done.

My ten year old son has taken a recent interest in doing pencil sketches of anime characters, and he'd simply love to visit this place. He's sleeping now, but I will show him in the morning.

I put 7 of his anime sketches on my blog two days ago.

Teresa Schultz said...

Oh dear! I should have previewed before submitting - I see I didn't spell photographed correctly. Sorry!