Sunday, July 05, 2009

Rest in peace

Remember I blog about pet last week? Well, what I didn't know was that Joshua's class has a pet keeping initiative and he volunteered for a little aquarium and his classmate invested RM10 for a few guppies, etc. He pestered me to give him my little aquarium and he brought it to class.
In the afternoon, he brought back his aquarium from class complete with fish!
By about 6PM, he told me that all the fishes had died.

He found the water dirty and changed all the water. When I came back I saw the above...
... and he asked me to bury them as his heart is not strong enough to see them go!

On Saturday afternoon, we went to the pet shop again as his friend told him that he has to buy the fish in order to pay back!
So, I bought just a fish of his choice and some water plant. The tank is too small to keep anything more than one fish! I hope that it survives this time.


flower said...

It's sad to hear their pet fish had died. Did Jon add any anti-chlorine to the water if he use the tap water?

William said...

Joshua is too young to know that. Only after the owner of the pet shop told him yesterday and then he realised the problem.
So, I use my water from the tank which has been there for a long time - fish safe!

flower said...

So the water from the tank, is it rain water? Tell Jos rain water is good. Not need to add anti-chlorine

William said...

No, they are from the government but we don't use the water that much. Clean but should be free from chlorine. We also collect rain water. I have experimented it with my other tank of tiny fish. They are ok.

tiee said...

oh, pity joshua. he must be very sad and guilty. but at least he learnt something. keeping pets is good for children. they learn to be more responsible.

William said...

tiee, ya, he was upset but he learnt something!

William said...

oh, I forgot to mention, this evening he told me that he saw his pet fish always "floating on top". So he placed the water filter net down and it stops floating up. I told him that it will be drown by the time we reach him! Ah, fish can also drown meh?! he asked.

FM Luder said...

Hopefully the new fishy will be happier and live longer!

I used to have two red cap orandas (fresh water fish) a few years ago. They were elegant and supposedly easy to maintain. They lasted no more than two months.

I treated the water as I was told to but they both ended up with fish rot - as did the subsequent fish.

I might try again shortly but, even though I was 21 at the time, it was still kind of devastating to know they died under my care =(