Monday, July 06, 2009

Mary Visited Miri

Mary, my wife's sister-in-law brought her son, Jonathan, over to Miri for two weeks of hospital attachment. They informed us a week ago that they are coming but we have totally forgotten as we were too busy. Our apologies to them but fortunately, my wife other sister and brother-in-law are also in Miri. So they helped to bring her around.
My wife, Teresa, Mary, Jonathan, uncle Su and auntie Ngok Ting
So, this evening, we have a "bakuteh soup (a kind of herbal soup cooked with spare ribs)" for dinner. Thanks, uncle Su, he settled the bill so quickly!
This is how the bakuteh soup looks like. I don't really know how to comment because I have not taken a good one at Klang! But I do know that there is a lot of MSG!
This is the restaurant at Center Point 2.
Oh, they brough so much exotic fruit over! I have never saw anything so big and nice in Miri before! Thanks and thanks. Very much appreciated.


flower said...

Hmmm.....yummy..... Can I guess what are the fruits? If I am not wrong, they are castor apples (lieng keen in foochow), peaches, strawberries, cherries, black plums and the other yellow fruits, can't guess. I saw some durian flowers and mien pou kuo for sale at Mosjaya. So nearly fruit season. Please post more on it.

William said...

Flower: Sure you can guess: all correct! The yellow one is mango and a golden one on the right is golden kiwi fruit.

William said...

oh... you can be sure that I will post more picture of fruits!