Monday, June 29, 2009

Miri old town renovation

Generally, the "renovation" of Miri old town is almost completed except for this row of shops.

Workers are working very hard and the progress is very fast.
Construction and completion of face-lift to 49 units of existing 2-storey shophouses at China Street, Jalan Bendahara, Jalan Raja... that is what the sign says.
Modern building technique... cement is being lifted up. In the good old days, a ramp was built and cement was push up. Don't be surprised, in the late 60s', ladies were employed to carry pails of cement up the ramp on their shoulders. In fact, there were a lots of female construction workers!

By the way, these workers work dangerously. While watching them, I saw one of them stepped backward and almost lost his balance. Safety is so important because a missed move, someone will lost their father or husband!
Newly completed shophouses shines against the bright afternoon sun! On the right is where the fish market is.
On the left side, the row of shops leading toward Jalan Bendahara. At the far end, you see Hotel Mega and hotel Imperial.

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chchoo said...

Hmm, looking forward to a new and cleaner Miri City