Sunday, June 07, 2009

Massive smoke/burning

I read in the newspaper about the lack of enforcement on open burning. More interesting, someone claimed that they don't know where the smog came from. I was driving to Kuala Baram on Tuesday, 2-June-2009 and ...
I witnessed this phenomena. To me, this is obviously smoke from massive open burning and the source is obviously not far away. But from the look of it, it could be from another country!
When I was young, we clear our land and carry out open burning also. However, there was one major difference, ie, we chop down the vegetation first and we clear a path so that fire does not jump over to areas not intended for burning. We didn't let the fire burn over night!
From all the "wild fire" I witness, they were all burning with no regard to where the fire was going. The fire burnt until it reached the road and could last for days. I call this irresponsible!
By the way, tonight the air smell like smoke from open burning again.


William said...

am: Maybe the law is ineffective. Perhaps, they can prosecute only if they are caught red handed. I hope I am wrong about this. Can anyone confirm?

Anonymous: In the good old days, we are far more responsible. They are actually moving backward.

MCM said...

maybe pembakaran itu dari kawasan oil palm estate dekat tu,(jalan terus lalui go kart circuit ada ladang ke situ besar) kalau penduduk bakar tanam sayur GOV miri bising.....kalau pengusaha ESTATE bakar ladang, MBM tutup mulut, and claimed that they don't know where the smoke came from....what happeN????

chchoo said...

Uncle William, I noticed that Uncle Chia is now sitting in the council. You go ask him to table this issue during the MMC meeting. Would be interesting to know what Mayor Lawrence Lai has to say about this.

Sir sc said...

the question is: even the ineffective law take place. does this burning has to do with increasing rain during monsoon season?

control burning is done in melbourne victoria just for the purpose of reducing the Black saturday event happen.

you can have a look here.

and for sarawak, burning more means more pollution, land erosion, the list goes on.

if its just for palm oil, the permit should be suspended and serious sustainable land conservation is needed.