Thursday, June 04, 2009

Cheap food is still available

I was driving Ah Jon to Uni and also brought along my 2 younger boys promising them breakfast in Lutong, specifically, kolo mee. That is the only way to get the two little boys from their slumber onto their feet in 10 seconds! Somehow, their ears can capture "favorable language" while they are asleep and can cause them instant excitement.
While we were in Lutong, I was disappointed because our favorite Lutong Cafe was closed. So, I turned disappointment to opportunity. Why not go to the Lutong market to try out the food there!
Since this is our first time there, we looked for the busiest store and decided to sit down with some older folks around us. We ordered 3 dry mee + 1 fried mee. Total cost was RM5.20!! The serving portions were reasonably big and tasted ok.
Being a "busy body", I began talking to the older folks sitting around me. I asked "How come your bowl is bigger?"... oh, I paid 20 cents extra. Then "How come you have egg in your fried noodle?"... oh, I paid 70 cents extra for the "extras". ok ok... you can always jia liao, ie, add extras. So it is really good value for money. Alright... there shall be more trips there in future. I was told that Ah Tat was the last store and his kolo mee is very popular.

I blog about Lutong town last time. I also noticed that the rebuilding of the burnt down shops is now starting again.

Note: There is only one price for everything at RM1.30.
Above photos are file photos. I didn't bring my camera this time.


Alex said...

Hey William, thanks for linking to my blog. I've been keeping up with your blog too these few months.

However, I've changed my URL from wordpress to my own domain.

The Billionaire Journal is now at

I'd like to link you up on my Pals! page as well. Mind me doing that?

Cheers mate


flower said...

wil, mee "AH TAT" is very popular in Lutong Bazaar. Just mention, everyone knows abt him. I always dropped by his stall whenever I went to Lutong Clinic. Cheap yet delicious.

MCM said...

waaaa.....I mizz mee ah tat ahhahah...liao..