Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ah Jon Blood Test Shows Great Improvement

Jonathan came back from Kuching yesterday after a fortnightly review. His blood test results showed great improvement with most "problems" returning to normal. This is after four weeks of treatment. However, he has to continue taking the drug. For detailed test results, please check out my latest blog.
Thanks everyone for the prayer. Please continue for pray for him:
1. His leg muscle will continue to gain strength and the pain will stop;
2. His red blood cells will return to normal;
3. Ask God to reverse back the trans located chromosome 9 and 22!

The doctor and us are very pleased with the results and we thanks God for that!


.:.EVAmaechu.:. said...

Thanked God! glad to hear that! May God be with him always.

sarawakiana said...

Glad to read this latest update.

May the Good Lord continue to uphold you and your family in your faith and prayers.

William said...

Hello EVAmae and sarawakiana: Thanks. Glory be to Him! Please do pray for him.

flower said...

Thanks God. Glad to hear Jon's health has improved rapidly. It's God, who is a great healer to heal Jon through faith and prayers.