Sunday, April 26, 2009

Miri-Pujut road upgrading

Finally, the authority in Miri is putting up the steel barrier and concrete curb at the road side. This should prevent any vehicle from crashing into the so called "decorative trees" along Miri-Pujut road. In fact, I prefer to them them killer trees.
On a positive side, at least something is being done to save more lives. Those trees in Miri (not just confined to Miri-Pujut Road) must be killing lots of people since they were planted. It is enough to kill the car occupants even at a low speed of 40 KM/hr when collison is head on.
Another new development is that the Miri-Pujut road is currently being resurfaced. Actually the orange machine above scrape off about 2 inches (5 CM) of the road surface. After that, two new layers were being put on.
The scraping were done at night but the resurfacing were done during the day time (some time at night). Two weeks ago, the traffic came to a crawl and I was caught in one of those. It took me 30 minutes to cover 1.5KM! The authority must forbid closing of road during peak hours. The contractor gave me the impression that the road belongs to them.

Post note: Thanks to some readers' comments who think that the contractor is doing the job at snail speed thus causing maximum inconveniences to road users. They work and then stop for a prolonged period of time leaving road that has been scraped, always at the most dangerous places like roundabout. Why is the authority allowing that?


lasapka said...

The contractor gave me a signal that the road is ready to drift soon ....

Ian said...

2 weeks ago, I went up to Brunei, and they had just started retarring a whole stretch of the highway. 2 weeks later yesterday, I went up there, lo & behold, they've finished the job!!

And these guys are still "fixing" a road in Pujut that didn't actually need to be fixed..

RW FINE ART said...

hahaha the last sentance amuse me.

i agree with ian. maybe the malaysians JKR should learn from brunai.

William said...

I think they are looking for money or JKR have problem with payment!

Ian, I agree that there is no need to retar this road. There are many other roads which are bumpy and dangerous and they did nothing, eg, the road to the Asian Bridge, coastal "highway", etc. But strangely, only certain contractor built road which seems to "sink" thus making it a roller-coaster ride. The best example here is the coastal road.

Sir sc said...

haha, why would they want to resurfaced the pujut road?
preparing miri for another new drag race track?
those *sink* road or rollercoaster, no road foundation is done in ensuring the longetivity of it.
brunei road are build to standards, msia which under JKR idea how the funding is done & how important to keep infrastructure up to date.

William said...

Sir sc: For JKR, I believe they paid premium and receive 3rd class product. Just look at the coastal highway... up to Batua Niah, the road is disgusting. Then suddenly after the bridge, the road is wonderful. Why?

Sir sc said...

i assume the corruption+ no quality assurance in jobs done.
thats why we can see the western do work better bcos they hav quality assurance & maintenance