Monday, April 13, 2009

Bread, bread and more bread

Over the weekend, Yee went to buy a second hand bread maker from my friend for less than RM100.
This was the first loaf of bread he made using the machine. Maybe it was a good thing that I was around to stop him from putting two tablespoons of salt into the flour, otherwise, he would have a very interesting bread! Well, he misread the recipe book! Being a technical person, I like measurement to be more tangible, rather than one cup, etc. The question is always, how big is the cup? Anyway, the recipe book uses "cup" for measurement and the dough came out far too soft! Thanks God that he didn't use all the flour and I still managed to correct it.
I was into something else. I used my own machine to make "man tou 曼头", ie, pau or dumpling without filling. But I was too lazy to make them into "ball". So, when I finished steaming it, mummy said, "wah, such a big steamed sponge cake"... hahaha. Timmy said, "I want pau with minced meat filling". Well, wait for my next round!
So, this is the machine Yee bought. It is made by Sanyo.
p/s: I believe the cup used in recipe book has a capacity of 200cc. This is the so called "normal cup". Please do correct me if I am wrong.


i e R said...

WT, go to a bakery supplies shop to buy the 'CUP', i forgot the volume of a cup, but i dont think is 200cc...

lasapka said...

hmmmm i think i should get one too

Kong said...

Anymore second hand? Wouldn't mind getting it at such low price and giving it a go in making bread. If it doesn't turn out OK, it doesn't cost much to give it up.

Kong said...

So how does the home baked bread taste compared to what we get from the bakery shop here?

Your Humble Servant said...

reminds me of gardenia and high 5 breads... hmmm

William said...

Kong: Home baked bread is heavy, crunchy and tasted exactly what you add in! It is not stretchy but can be chewy. You eat 2 slices and you are full. The bread is dense! When you next come here, you let me know and I will bake one to let you try.

Your Humble Servant: Gardenia is softer and lighter. I like Gardenia bread.

kimberly said...

Wowwww!!!! i'm so happy you guys have started using it already!! it looked exactly like how mine turned out last time... pictures of the bread maker make me miss it~ =) MAKE MORE~~ try healthier ones like wholemeal.. would be a nice bfast~

William said...

Kim, ya... thanks so much for agreeing to sell it. Now you can't bake any more! I will surely ask him to bake plenty more!

Yee said...

Thanks Kim for agreeing to sell it.

And I will be careful next time when i read the instruction.

i e R, Uncle William: I will go and have a look around at the bread shop for the cup.

Love that machine.

William said...

ieR: Thanks for your tip.

Lasapka: If you buy one, make sure you continue using it.

Kong: It always turn out ok unless the machine is faulty. I will keep an eye for you.

Just follow the simple instruction and press a button on the machine.

Yee: I am sure you will continue to make beautiful bread... all kinds. One day I will have to learn from you. Only through mistakes, you will improve. The only person who made no mistake is the one who never did anything!

FM Luder said...

Haha I agree with the measurements William! A cup... I always used to use 3/4 of a mug or something. Being a techie, I only have a mug (did you know all techies drink coffee?), so used that!

Also how big is a pinch of salt? Big pinch? Small pinch? Average pinch??? Maybe they should narrow it down to the 'granules' for us hehe!

I did make bread a couple of times and it turned out extra sweet for some reason. I blame the lack of precise measurments in the instructions!

William said...

Fox: All techie drink coffee? I didn't realise that! I don't mind coffee but chose not to drink it.
pinch of salt... ya, also depend o the size of your fingers!
Hahaha... just continue to bake! I am sure that you will be an expert soon.