Wednesday, April 08, 2009

2009 Pikom Kuching

We went to visit the Pikom Kuching on 3-April-2009, ie, the opening day. The place was too crowded, too much merchandise and too small.
There is only one thing which would make Ah Jon very happy ... computer stuff!
Acer show off their "funny" looking gaming computer. Cost RM5888. Ah Jon told me that this is rather cool!
One gadget that is getting popular is the net book. Popular price is RM1499.
oh... speakers are getting fashionable now!
RAM, memory sticks, etc can be found everywhere!
Computer LCD for playing video...
See the crowded place ...
The smallest projector. Cost RM1700+. I think it is not worth it. Battery driven.


lasapka said...

The projector is good if you want to watch 50" movie on ceiling.

Vincent said...

by chance, come to pikom in kl! it is like a wonderland for me! too bad, i always dun have enough money to get what i want from there. haha..

William said...

lasapka: Obviously I have to lie down on bed. Maybe it is not a bad idea. But I found that thing too dim.

Vincent: Pikom at WTC? I went there before and I need one day to go through. It is/was huge!

FM Luder said...

Wow! I'm a geek but never been to a computer showcase like this before. They're always happening but I just never go. Hope this event cheered up Ah John and he's feeling better!

William said...

Fox: Can be quite fun but I found that when I arrive, I would be too stunned to buy anything unless I am very focused in what I want. Ah Jon bought a huge CPU fan! That is what he wanted all this while.

Ian said...

Slightly more than 200 units of the "funny looking gaming computer" has issues with overheating and has been recalled .

See news here.

Should add the name "*HOT* funny looking gaming computer"


Ian said...

The thing I find hilarious about computer fairs is that sticks of RAMs, flash drives and various other items are displayed hung on a piece of string; like how stall hawkers sell bunches of bananas.

The even funnier thing is that these things are very soon approaching the prices of bundles of bananas!

Kong said...

If you think all stuff in PC fair are cheap, think again.

I was looking for a AA batteries camera and the Kuching PC fair quoted RM649 with 2G SD card for the Canon A1000IS.

Guess what? I went into a very big Sibu electrical shop and casually asked, how much? They gave me RM569 with 4G SD card. No hard bargaining necessary or may be they think I am a nice person so give me a nice price.

William said...

Ian... hahahaha. I noticed that too!

Kong: You need to know the price. I think that is the moral of the story.