Sunday, March 22, 2009

Working partime to make extra

The way the reporter wrote this report is disgusting. It sounds as if it is wrong to work part time to earn extra if you are a "top" student. Or does it mean that only if an academically poor student can work part time? See the word used here: "forced to help".
I have seen many students in Miri working in supermarket to earn extra. This should be encouraged because it is teaching the kid the value of money and also they will grow up to be more matured.
My three girls scored straight As in SPM and they also work part time. Even in the university, they still work part time. When I visited them 2 years back, Stephanie told me, "Daddy, I am buying you dinner because I earned this money myself!". When they went on holiday, they told us "We earned the trip ourselves". Isn't that great?! I felt so very proud of them.

Seven As student cut out to be a doc, not cut grass
GEORGE TOWN: Eighteen-year-old S. Somaraj may be a top student, having scored 7As and 3Bs in his recent SPM examination, but he is forced to help his father with his part-time job of cutting grass on weekends.
Somaraj, a Penang Free School student, hopes to become a doctor in a private hospital here, where his father, M. Sangkaran, 46, works as an ambulance driver.


reanaclaire said...

yes, what is wrong with helping his father or even earning some legal blood sweat money on his own? i really dont understand...
btw, william, my son decided to go INTI Penang to do his E & E... it is his decision.. what i want he does not want... so i can only support him morally and financially...
May this choice comes from our Lord..

i e R said...
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