Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baking Spree

Steph and Esther were on a baking spree yesterday.

steph received a cake order from someone so she made oreo cheesecake and some blueberry cheese tarts!
Visit steph's blog if u wana order cakes ( so far she only makes 5 kinds of cakes. hahahaha) and duck (haha). no international delivery. only valid for delivery within 2 miles of Leeds university. lol

Esther decided to make chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese toppings. Also very nice!

cup cakes chocolate shavings on top by Steph. I din join them in the long baking process but what I did was took photos and edited them. Still got food in the end. smart ;p?

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FM Luder said...

Oreo cheescake =q *drool*