Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Season of the bubuk

Bubuk (or shrimp harvesting) is now on again. In the early morning, the fisherman with their specially equipped boat can be seen near the beach harvesting the shrimp.
A boat with a large fine net at the front ready to go out to the sea.
A closeup view of the "modern" bubuk net. The net will be lowered into the water when the fisherman spotted shrimp (bubuk) and literally scoop up millions of shrimp.
The tradition method is to use "man power". The design is the same except that the "sticks" are hand held. (I hope to get some photos this weekend.)
In addition to bukuk (or tiny shrimp), they also catch samuan or larger shrimp!
(Note: This blog is not complete. More pictures to come)


i e R said...

nowonder... i went to 'hawaii' beach yesterday for a photoshoot, i smelled the bukuk all over the place... haha... yum yum, more fresh belancan in the market :D

Kenny Ngu said...

bikin udang biskut(mandarin) sure nice.

FM Luder said...

Haha by the time they get to the UK they are a tenth the size of that!

William said...

FM Luder, the king prawn in UK are actually shrimp. So you are right, the prawn shrunk while on the way to UK.