Monday, March 09, 2009

Lutong Beach is gone?

I went to Lutong beach this evening and I almost couldn't recognise it!
See, do you notice that the water level reaches the pillars? We used to be able to walk and play beyond the pillar. But now, a new "beach" is formed
This picture was taken in July 2007 and notice the ugly saw dust poured into the sea by irresponsible saw mill operator. Compare these two pictures.
The heavy rain and high tide must have "played the trick".
See the fiery sunset just now... Miri people are well blessed!

Updates: The "missing beach" was caused by high tide last night!


singautara said...

your sunset photo very nice....using D3 or D300?

RW FINE ART said...

i had expressed similar concern regarding our beach in Miri. see my photos here

William said...

Hi Singautara, I only have a D3 at the moment. So most photos here were taken with it. However, if I post "historical" photos, they were taken with older camera, eg, D70 or D200.

RW Fine art: Ya, it is very disturbing with the beach "disappearing".