Thursday, March 05, 2009

It Pays To Ask/Shop Around

My colleague's car was involved in an accident with a motorbike. The front of the car was slightly damaged. So, she sent the car to a workshop. The first quote for the repair was RM2,200. Then after our suggestion, she sent the car to a few other workshops and the quotes were RM1,450, then RM1,400 and finally RM600.

The repair done by the last one at RM600 is really not that bad. But considering the bad economic time, I think it is worth shopping around to save you lots of $$$!

By the way, the car Inokom Getz, ie, a local Hyundai.


eugene said...

i like the story, haggling and negotiating or bargaining is my forte, i just love to do that, it is ok just to get something extra from just asking and talking,,, good on ya.

by the way, me first time here,routed from Claire's blog

Merryn said...

huge difference in the price there! anyway, william, i dunno if u r into blog tagging, but i've got a tag for u to show off ur photograph.. wont mind if u dont do it though.. :)

William said...

Thanks for your visit. Very much appreciated. Continue to bargain and save more money! This is fun especially when the money saved is your hard earn cash.

Merryn, the price is very different. I couldn't believe it also.

Kong said...

My personal views.

While I like to get the best deal like everybody else, I also wanted the vendor to make a profit. Having said that, RM2200 vs 600 is a bit too much.

May be your friend is driving an expensive car like Mercedes or BMW? Workshop are known to price quotation by the type of car you drive and not necessary by how much work is involved.

Mrcoolku said...

wow, the first shop is really black shop. 3 times more expensive. It really worth to make market survey first. Huhu...

Which shop is it? should recommend here. :)

Ivy said...

Kong, I am driving a Inokom Getz. I myself am not too sure why they charged me so expensive. They said the workmanship already costs RM700 (first workshop) and RM900 (second workshop).

Mrcoolku, in the end, my relative recommended me a workshop at Krokop 3. The workmanship costs RM300 and the original head light only costs RM300. I think that sounds much more reasonable.

I let William see my car after the repair, he could not tell my car got into accident before!! Hahahaha.