Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cell Group - Duan Home warming

Our Cell Group member, Duan, finally moved into his own new home. So on 27 Feb 2009, we had our cell meeting at his place and he also organised a makan/dinner!
These are our cell members and families.
Front Row: Jeremy (Javier, Jarren), Sara (Shawna), Mitchelle (Amber), Joshua, Tim, Teresa, Grace, Adeline, William Chen
Back Row: Duan, Mike, Joshua Lee, Richard, Jack, Margaret, Peter, Angeline, William Ting
Duan ordered some nice food for the occassion...
... and he cooked his/our favorite pork leg/shank in black vinegar and soy sauce...
... and this... prepared by Wendy Tiong. Guess what is this. This is a favorite amongst local.
... and we all enjoyed the meal and a fellowship later.


FM Luder said...

I'll guess at duck tongue?

William said...

FM Luder ... hahahaha.. nope nope. You may never guess it correctly cos you will faint if you see this in your supermarket!

Lilian Yong said...

Oh...Duan is in your cell now....We used to be in the same cell few years ago....Anyway help me to send my regards to him and oso congratulates him....TQ

William said...

Lilian, yes, he is in my cell. I will let him know. Thanks for dropping by.

sarawakiana said...

Everything from the head of the pig - pig's tongue-head-ears-nose....etc...where to get this dish?

FM Luder said...

Pigs ears! I have seen them here - but only in pet shops as a dog chew form.

Lots of things my palette hasn't experienced yet I guess.

William said...

sarawakiana, hahaha... you are right. Ask Wendy Tiong to cook for you!

FM Luder, hahaha... pig ears as dog chew! I didn't know they are that imaginative.

If you ever travel out here, you will get to eat those things if you are lucky enough.

Anonymous said...

I am a Bible College Student and I am creating a proposal for a class which I will also use in my Father's church. The proposal is to begin a cell group program. May I use some of your pictures in my presentation?
In Christ,
Jason High