Friday, March 27, 2009

Ah Jon Wreck his car today

Our 28 years old Toyota GL "black Belt" driven by Ah Jon was involved in a self accident. Ah Jon was on his way back from Curtin University this morning at 9:40AM.
According to his word, he stepped on his brake and the next thing he remembered was the car in this position. Is it possible that one side of the brake has jammed up? He just sent the car for brake servicing last Saturday!
The driver's side door hit the coconut tree and this is the result.
He actually hit a banana tree on the left side of the car (see bumper) and this had helped to slowed down the car. Because of the side force, the car skidded and ended up hitting the coconut tree just next to it on the driver's side.

We sent him for X-Ray... this is the side view.
The is the front view.
So he ended up in hospital for observation. But the specialist clinic has WiFi and therefore he is not lonely!
Thanks God that everything works out fine. We are thankful that a banana tree was in the way which has helped to slow down the car.
For information, there is no wound on his body. He only complained about pain near the stomach. We went to see him at 5:30PM and he looked fine.


chchoo said...

phew! hope ah jon is getting well soon.

dougie said...

phew! lucky that Ah Jon didn't borrow his Old Man's baby V8 Aston Martin Vantage?

William said...

chchoo... he is ok now! Thanks.

dougie...hahaha... ya ya.

sarawakiana said...

Ai yo doh!! eh ten loh!

I hope he none the worst except for a little fright. I hope both parents are fine too.

Personally I often have fears when my children drive along the Curtin and the feeder roads. The road to Sg Tujuh is also frightening! No side bars . When the rain is heavy you can't actually tell which is the road and which is the grassy side or drain!! Lights of course are very dim.....

FM Luder said...

Get well soon...

Ian said...

Hope Ah Jon gets well soon!

Especially if the car has just been serviced, brake test it as if in an emergency on an empty space and monitor it for a while! Especially true for older cars.

lasapka said...

....failed to perform drift again ....heheee

Ch1L said...

are u sure he stepped on brake on the accelerator?too fast to remember which maybe..that road is very bumping

Jennifer Fam said...

Praying that Ah Jon will feel and get better. Thank God that he is ok.

Jennifer Fam

William said...

sarawakiana - I hoped that he now learned his lesson. It was so close to serious injuries.

Fox, Ian: Thanks. He is more or less ok now.
Will remember to test the brake after service in future.

lasapka: hahahaha

Ch1L: He said he didn't press on the wrong paddle.

Annie: Use bus 11 is better.

Jen: Pray that he learned the lesson.