Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yoga - Is there a Christian Alternative?

I like this article by Rt Rev Tan Cheng Huat
The Christian Post (Singapore) Guest Columnist:

Since the Straits Time has published articles regarding the ban of Yoga by some religious groups, Church members have asked if it is alright for a Christian to practice Yoga. Up to this present time the Christian community has generally left the decision on the practice of Yoga to the individual churches. Christians have long resisted the tradition with its overtones of mysticism. TIME magazine, Sept. 5, 2005 issue featured a quote from Subhas Tiwari, a professor of yoga philosophy and meditation at the Hindu University of America in Orlando, Florida.: "Yoga is Hinduism." This full article is available from the website at:,9171,1098937,00.html which included a quote that “Christian yoga” is an oxymoron. Whatever expression and practice that Yoga may be packaged into, members are cautioned to stay away from any practices that have to do with religious beliefs contrary to the Christian faith.

To read the full article, click here.


dougie said...

back to the pole-dancing then..

Kong said...

Personally, I don't care what other people say. Only what's in my own heart counts. That is why I even go attend Buddhist talk forum to see what they have to say about their practice/religion.

William said...

dougie, pole dancing? I knew nothing about this. Actually, there are more interesting dance every 2-4-6 at Bulatan Park at 6:30AM.

Kong: To me, knowing what they practice and know more about their religion is perfectly fine. But practicing it is another thing.