Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club

We visited Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club with a friend from Langkawi...
I took the opportunity to take some night scene and also to "exercise" my camera.
By the lake.. clear and beautiful reflection. ISO3200 1/2 Sec F/2.8
Under the sodium street light. ISO 3200 F/2.8, 1/8 Sec. White Balance: "programmed on the spot"
The main building is in the background. ISO 3200, 1/10 sec F/2.8
The chalets. ISO 3200 1/10 sec f/2.8
The front view of a chalet. ISO3200 1/8 Sec f/2.8
The bedroom costing RM125 (US$35) per night. ISO 3200 1/20 sec f/2.8


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures!! 2 thumbs up

sarawakiana said...

Sooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooood!!

William said...

Alan & sarawakiana, Thanks for your compliments.

i e R said...

iso3200, and such unnoticeable noise? wow, nice

William said...

i e R... noise can be controlled. If I am not careful, I can also produce a lot of noise.