Saturday, February 21, 2009


As promised in my previous blog entry, here is the second and final part of photos taken at Citrus Restaurant.
Seafood Pasta RM16.90. The serving portion is a little small. If you are hungry, you need two plates.
Citrus Breaded Chicken RM15.90
Chicken Chop RM15.90
Chicken Baked Rice RM9.90
Doggie Bolog RM11.90
Salmon Raita RM28.00
I think this is Granny Cutlet RM7.90
Fruit Chocolate Fondue RM20.00
Special Cold Coffee (Iced Mocha) RM7.90
All prices subjected to 10% service charges.

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FM Luder said...

The food looks nice, especially the chicken baked rice. Shame they add service charges. I grudge those! I'd rather choose whether to tip or not, personally.