Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Value of Virginity

After a few days of thinking, I finally decided to post this newspaper (See Hua Daily News 15 Jan 2009) cutting. Unfortunately it is in Chinese. The headline read: A female student auction her virginity. Rich business man offers RM13 million!

It went on to say that the student needs extra cash to further her studies and advertise herself on her own web page. More than 10,000 bids for her and the current offer is 2.6million GBP!
On the contrary, I read in another local English newspaper which said that unmarried local teenage girls as young as 10 years old are hooked to sex! Some have multiple partners and all these are done for "pleasure". Then I came across a reader who wrote to the newspaper to say that the girls are foolish enough to be used and yet they don't know.

The sad part is that many equate sex = love. In the bible, it warned strongly against such an act. And we all know that many girls would suffer mentally, etc when the man left for someone else. I know many would disagree with me but that is my viewpoint. So why give away virginity for free other than to the person whom you marry.

p/s. After writing this, I read in Thelma section of The Star today.
See, the root of the problem is her past. You may say that she was naive then, but being young, beautiful and sexy she met someone who cheated her of her virginity. I guess it happened when she was about 20.
Now, don’t tell me that at 20, you can’t distinguish between right and wrong.

Hence, women knew all along that they should have the “first time” with the ones they will spend their lives with till a ripe old age, and yet some just “gave up” too soon. That has a direct impact on their spouse.



reanaclaire said...

i wonder whether the girl took up the offer or not..13 Million is a lot of money.. but i believe it is not true..i mean offering 13M..

William said...

hahaha.. don't really know but I heard of these things before. The price can be very high. But RM13million is crazy! Might as well marry her.

Kong said...

Zimbabwe has now issued a 100 trillion dollar note. So 13 million is peanut.

William said...

Kong... hahahahaha... but that 13 million is our equivalent leh!

harold said...

this is called prostitution
offering money for sex

Anderson Kalang said...

William, I agree with u.. might as well marry her.. a good wedding may not cost 13 million either.

Kong said...

I disagree. Assuming she will not make a good partner for life, would you want to be stuck with her forever? Think very carefully, my friend.

And if this is in California, should you want to divorce her later, she gets half of everything.

William said...

Kong, you are right! Perhaps what is needed is a terms and conditions for marriage!