Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Rain

31-Jan-09 8:50AM This morning, as I am writing this entry, it is raining very heavily outside. I have never experienced such heavy rain prolonged over such a long period since I came to Miri 28 years ago.

See the pouring water...

Can you see the pouring rain? It is a huge challenge to take photos of rain! I just hope that the rain will stop when the school reopen after the Chinese New Year holiday. Also hope that there is no flood or landslide.
I remembered that some 10 years ago (1998), we had severe drought and the water tap ran dry during this period. We went all over the place to collect water. In fact, the red container above is a reminder of the drought as we bought it for transporting water.


Janice said...

i miss the pouring rain! hahahaha. nah. jz jk. I remember the drought. It was very bad and i was either primary 4, 5 or 6 that time. I rmbr hoping that i din hv to go to school because of the haze. 10 yrs hv fast!

sarawakiana said...

We had a difficult drought time choosing between buying vegetables and we had no water to wash our dishes before and after cooking or eating noodles from one half of ta pau packet.
These were tragic thoughts to a person who lived in modern times.
There were other terrible "thoughts" and happening too.
But it "passed".

Now the landslide and too much water.