Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More food... to entice you

These photos were taken a couple of moons ago. Fortunately, I found it while looking for a photo for my colleague. Posted here for your enjoyment or to entice you to buy yourself or someone a nice meal. Perhaps, cook for yourself a nice meal! Photos taken at Piasau Boat Club (PBC) and Marina Bay Seafood (MBS) restaurant.

Crispy lemon chicken ... PBC

Bamboo clam with mixed vegetable ... PBC

Butter prawn ... PBC

I think this is steamed white pomfret ... PBC

"4-colour cold dish" ... MBS

Grilled prawn in cheese ... MBS

Crispy deep fried lotus root with salted egg. This dish is nice. I have not tried cooking it myself. From the food, I think this is the way to cook it: Slice the lotus root into thin pieces. Mixed with cornflour & rice flour. Deep fried. When crispy, transfer it to a wok and mix in the salted egg. ... MBS

Mixed vegetable with almond flake and lotus seed ... MBS

Steamed prawn, I think with sambal topping ... MBS

Red snapper cooked in three styles ... MBS

Seafood meehoon (vermicelli). The presentation is poor... MBS (very ordinary and not really nice).


Lilian Yong said...

Wau....the butter prawn n grilled prawn with cheese really look nice.....

Philip said...

Very nice photography. Never try the deep fried lotus root. Is it nice?

flower said...

hmmm.....yummy..... how i wish those dishes are on my dinning table now. i am hungry and mouthwatering. haha. PEACE BE UPON U

sarawakiana said...

The crispy lotus root is very nice in MBS . I was again very privileged to be invited to a farewell dinner recently and had this dish there. The soft shelled crab is also recommendable /commendable. Compliments to the chef

- thanks for the recipe. I will try it this CNY. shall we compare notes later? This will surely take my mind off the floods in Sibu for a while. (laugh and the world will laugh with you.....)