Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In the pitch-darkness of the night...

The night was dark, there was no star or moon. Dark cloud covered the sky under the heaven. It would rain anytime. I sat on a chair at the front door looking out. Suddenly my eyes focused on the tall coconut tree in from of me. I could just make the outline of the tree. In the distance, I saw a layer of light rising up from the horizon. I then realised that it is Sibu town.
When I was small, I remember the same scene. My father used to tell me... "Look! That is where the town is!"

I quickly grasp my camera and freeze the moment to become a reflection of my memories of the gone good old days.
The sensor on the camera picked up something which my eyes failed to see clearly, and that is the pinkish hue in the sky. What was it? A reflection from the cloud from the light below or the ray of the sun which was long gone? It doesn't matter.

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