Saturday, December 13, 2008

Inti University College

I visited Inti University College (Laureate International Universities) in Nilai on 4th Dec 2008. I was "shopping" for a college for Jonathan. So I share the information here.
The taxi cost only RM30+ and took only 20 minutes from KLIA.

The entrance looks good...

Library has ample reading space.

The library looks impressive.

Lecture block...

Map of Inti.

Landscaping is nice ...

Lecture theater .... quite nice

Toilet is clean. Or is it because the day I visit was a holiday?!

Bridge that lead to the accommodation which is on the other side of the campus.

That is the accommodation. The one with pointed little tower in the center is private accommodation.

The main administration block. It looks good.

Friendly guards are everywhere.

The view of one of the lecture blocks from the main road.

Just down the road, there are some shops.

... and some "civilisation". I mean, this place is not in the middle of nowhere.


LingDi said...

INTI College is very near to my college. It is a very good college. Btw, Uncle, you can try Nilai International College.

William said...

LingDi, thanks for your information.

Kong said...

Why are you considering sending him to MCKL like his sisters?

William said...

Kong, he is not interested in A level. So, he will do a diploma or go to foundation - which is similar to A level but I think it is more focused.

Kong said...

If it's foundation he wanted, why not Curtin in Miri, Swinburne in Kuching and Monash and Nottingham in KL?

William said...

Kong, we are considering Curtin & Nottingham. Will see how it goes. If I have Inti, Nottingham and Curtin, which one would you choose in term of priority? Nottingham is really nice. I will post soon.

Kong said...

Between Curtin and Nottingham.

Here are purely my superficial guesses because I hasn't done any in depth studies nor seen all these universities myself.

1. Curtin.
Their Australian campus seems to be higher ranked than Swinburne. But Swinburne teaching ranking is No.4. And IMO, higher ranked universities tend to focus on research but not necessary on education and vice versa.

3. Nottingham.
Their UK campus is much higher ranked than Curtin so that is a plus. 2ndly, once kids are 'out of the house and on their own', they can really grow up to be so much more mature. And this is a big plus but of course, there are pitfalls as well because sometimes, you can't know what they are up to.

So my views is, if the kids are instilled with strong set of good value, it's better to let them go. My choice would be Nottingham.

BTW, if his interest is technical, why not consider USA?

William said...

Kong, thanks for the info. Your analysis is very similar to mine. USA? Haven't cross my mind about it.

Child Of Ivalice said...

Hi, I'm taking part in a competition in INTI this weekend and have been purging thru the internet to look for a campus map of INTI, thinking that it might be useful when they need us to run around the campus completing station tasks.... Thank God that I managed to google to your post here and yes, there is a detailed map of the campus... Just wish to express my gratitude... Thanks a lot for snapping this picture, even though you did nothing much directly to aid me in finding the map.... But, honestly, thanks for having this post and having this great and detailed map...

William said...

Child of Ivalice: I am happy that you find the map useful. I hope you win something and maybe you can add your comment here.

Anonymous said...

I'm considering University of Nottingham and INTI UC and your blog is really informational with the photos and all. Although there is another college I'm considering, which is Nilai UC. If your not too busy I was wondering if you could do a blog post on that too.

Thank you, you've been so helpful!

William said...

Thanks for visiting!

I am from Sarawak and going over to Nilai is a problem for me. If there is opportunity, I will do a post. Thanks for your suggestion.