Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008 visit to the dentist

We had our annual dental checkup done yesterday after much delaying. Timmy was the first one to have his done. After applying some jelly, he had his fragment of baby tooth removed.

Then Ah Jon had his teeth clean out ... no new filling!

I had my tooth filling redone after years of usage.

Mummy also had her teeth "polished". Thanks God that we can claim as this is part of our employment benefits.


FM Luder said...

Dentists are so expensive, so I'm glad you can claim. Unfortunately many people in this country stay away from dentists as they get priced out if they can't find a NHS dentist (and even then you have to pay around £20 for a simple check-up)! It's wrong, really... Everyone should deserve to afford the right care for teeth that should last a lot longer than they currently do (in most people).

William said...

That is expensive! You are right that it should be more affordable. This visit cost me RM295 = 60 pounds.