Sunday, November 30, 2008

60 Doctors a years suffering from mental diseases

Update: 1-Dec 2008
Apparently it is refering to overseas students only as reported by The Star today. But what is the relationship between exam in foreign language and depression, I don't understand. How about those from Indonesia? I though their language is very similar to BM. Could it be because there are other underlying problems that we are not aware?

Many medical students suffer from depression

KUALA LUMPUR: Many Malaysian medical students overseas who take examinations in a foreign language suffer from depression when they return.
Physicians for Peace and Social Responsibility (PPSR) vice-president Datuk Dr Abdul Hamid Abdul Kadir said that large numbers of young Malaysians were being trained in foreign medical schools in Indonesia, Russia, India, Poland, Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

Watch out... 60 doctors a year suffering from mental woes. Malaysia has 21 medical schools, we have a population of about 20+ million. Compare this to UK... they have about the same number of medical school and 3x our population. Their selection criteria is extremely strict. For us, I think it is high time to filter the student. I hope I will not have a psychotic treating me.

This news is from The Star.

At least five doctors to suffer from mental woes every month


KUALA LUMPUR: Every month, at least five doctors are found to be suffering from mental illnesses, director-general of health Tan Sri Dr Mohd Ismail Merican said.

He said these doctors were either psychotic or neurotic but still managed to get into medical schools because these schools were not screening students meticulously enough.

“When the doctors complete their two-year housemanship and their applications are submitted for registration with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), they fail to get registered.

“Their supervisors do not certify them as fit to be registered because of indiscipline and poor attitude arising from mental health problems.

“The mental cases range from psychotic to neurotic. Psychotic cases include delusions and hallucinations, and neurotic behaviour includes anxiety, fear and anger due to the competitive environment,” said Dr Ismail.

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