Sunday, August 24, 2008

A weekend to bless, be blessed and pain
Weekend started on Friday evening with Cell Group Fellowship. This week, I should say is the first week after 40DOP. So Duan and Angeline came to join us after leading his own group for the Curtin students.

We agreed that we will go through the Purpose Driven Life all over again. This time, it will be a chapter a week. Original plan was three chapters a week but then, we found that our discussion can only manage one chapter! I think it was quite good.
After the discussion, I shared about healing ministry on Saturday and Sunday by Bishop Francis and Pastor Ayo from Nigeria. I also shared my experience in healing ministry myself and how some people had benefited from the ministry. Duan immediately requested me to pray for his buttock as he "sprain" himself. So we prayed and he was healed! Amen!

On Saturday, I decided that I shouldn't forget to make my coverall. So I went over to Mega Shopping center and looked for the tailor in town who specialise in making coverall for our company.

Ya, I have my "statistics" taken and my 10 years old Joshua was the photographer to record this shot! He seems to be getting used to holding my 2kg camera and take picture without problem.

We noticed a garden like shop and get permission to take some photos for future blogging. It turns out to be Cinta artificial flower shop. They moved from Imperial Mall to Mega. I think they have an excellent stock of artificial "real looking flower". Also, they catered for all wedding needs - Chinese or Malay, etc.

Cinta Flower Shop. After this, we decided to visit Bintang Plaza. Guess who I met...

This is Veronica and her mum. She is Evelyn's younger sister who will be going to study A-level in Northampton in UK. I have to admit that when her mum mentioned Evelyn's name, I just forgot who she is! hahaha... embarrassing!

Joshua and Timothy was looking at this lot of pau while we chatted! The mum noticed it and offered to buy them two paus!

Of course, they swallowed the pau in no time at all! See, they were so satisfied... thanks to Veronica's mum! Sometime, it is good to bless others and also to receive blessing!

We proceeded to the top floor at Bintang Plaza and found the "Apple" shop. So, I called Ah Jon to come over as his tuition should be finished by then. I brought out the boys to "relax" themselves so that they have a childhood memory to remember. While waiting for Ah Jon, I realised that San Franciso Coffee is next door only

So they have a meal of quiche and cheesecake.

Quiche is very nice...

To my surprised, we met my colleague Evelin and her sister who is working with Asia Columbia Medical Centre. They were trying out the wireless on her new laptop in front of San Francisco! Somehow they couldn't get it to work. So expert Ah Jon has his fingers on the keyboard and within minutes, everything is ok.

Ah Jon also fixed back my desktop after he took it apart during the weekend.

Saturday evening, I went to the healing rally... Ps Ayo delivering his message... You are going to have a new beginning! Ps Hii translated into BM... fantastic translator!

After Bishop Francis' message, he started his healing ministry...

Blessing and healing...

My longtime friend/colleague, Ps Ayo!

He prayed for the singles, the sick and those who wanted to get married and also those who would like to conceive ...

This woman was healed of her pain!

More testimonies... she had problem with her hands if I am not mistaken.

More healing...

This man had knee problem who can't move properly. Now, he is ok. Amen!

Sunday morning at GMC... Hieng Kiing was leading... we passionately called him Ah Ngu!

Pastor Connie was preaching...

The youth... they have so much to share!

Sister Judy brought her father!

There were so many students returning from courses... Phoebe and Lynda. They are future dentist and environmentalist respectively. (Perhaps Lynda may work for Green Peace in future - I am guessing only!) Lydia was also back but she was camera shy... covering her face from my lens!

Ok, how about the pain? My problem with pile is driving me up the wall over the weekend. I have never experience so much discomfort in my life. Even a fart brought pain! I pray for others and they get well. It doesn't work on myself. I can only conclude that God works in mysterious way. If you believe, please do pray for me!


Anonymous said...

How did you manage to shoot in a Commercial Complex???

William said...

Ian, I am not sure if I understand you.
1. I just point and shoot with my D3. No flash and no one realise it.

2. In the shop, I actually ask for permission before taking. If it is in the public area, no permission is needed.

Hope I have answered your question.