Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mummy had her blood taken
Mummy visited the clinic on 22nd July 2008 to have her blood taken to test for blood sugar, LDL, etc... a very long list for routine checkup.

The technician check her right arm and found some "technical problem" because the vein was punctured a day earlier!

Then check on the left side... again no vein visible enough - or big enough.

Ok, back to the right side. Mummy looked brave!

Position and insert the needle...

Blood was drawn...

opp... small vein problem. Obviously it was painful. But mummy was still very brave.

Then separated into three sampling tubes.
Finally, so much blood was successfully taken. Then mummy said that it was painful! I have to thank the technician. She is one of the most skillful I knew. There are others who have to pop 2-3 times before finding the vein and left a big blue patch. This time, it may be a little more pain but no blue.

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