Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happening - My garden, my survival instinct
After much labouring, my so called garden is now in "production". I have harvested "potato leave" three times. Taiwanese kangkong ..., only a few are growing. But they look strong; the colour is a little yellowish which is natural.

I think this is called winter melon. If they bear fruits (or melon), it is enough for everyone in my street!

This "crumbled leave" veggie is my favorite. When I was small, I simply love this veggie and I couldn't understand why my parents would sell everything away. Well, now I know... they fetched better price. See, sometimes when you are young, you don't understand the action of your parents... and have to wait for many years before I understand.

This is the so called "sayur rajah" or "King's veggie". They seem to demand rich soil. Not growing too well.

A new addition to the congested garden is a lemon tree. I am now taking a lemon every morning by squeezing the juice out, mixed with water and drink it. It doesn't cause stomach pain. No problem.

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