Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hair Cutting & memories from the good old days

It has become a tradition in my household that the father would cut the hair for everyone.
I remembered that my father would cut all my sibling's hair.
In the good old days (60's), one hair cut would cost 30-50 cents (600 gm of sugar cost 10-15 cents). My father being a farmer had to save every single cents. That reminded me the day when my father saved RM1000 - all in RM10 notes and it was a big stack of money. We were all so excited. I think he used the money to buy a piece of land! Everyday, he would sell his produce in the wet market for some RM20-40.
Just to give an idea on the cost of vegie at that time in Sarikei: Long bean - 15 cents, Cucumber - 10 cents, leafy vegie - 15-30 cents per kati, ie, 600 gram. During peak period of vegie production, ie, after pepper harvest, there will be so much vegie that the farmers simply cannot sell them. Not even 1 cent per kati for long bean and cucumber!! They were simply dumped!

How do I know all these? I was in primary two and I had to bring vegie to town by bus and pass them to my brother to sell in the wet market. Then I could go to school! I need to do shopping after school, ie, buy meat and fish if necessary. oh, 1 kati of pork cost 80 cents. It will be about 2:00PM when I reached home. Breakfast was at 5:30AM and lunch at 2:00PM. There was usually no food between. I would save the 20 cents pocket money everyday.

Fish costs around 40 cents to RM1.80 per kati.

So talking about cutting hair, I am following the foot step of my father. I am cutting hair for everyone in my household! That would save me quite a bit every year! I know the grown up girls do not want my cutting anymore.... no style! haha. Anyway, they are not at home anymore. We miss them!
This is Jonathan! Don't move or the super sharp scissor would cut his ear or make a big hold in his thick hair!


dougie said...

William, why d only guy in d pic laughing,.... is YOU!! Young Jonathen seems a wee bit concerned?!

as a young guy (many moons ago!)then to say i was uneasy about my hair, is probably an under-statement... was quite a big issue in my growing up! i think this still applies true for most young ppl today?

is that now as we grow older, we really don't mind if we have to stick our head into a large bucket, & proceed with a Number 2, or 3 electrical sheers. this is done, when we know we can't get favourable 'style', usually courtesy of the locallity we are in & is affected by our current life-styles, activities, etc.

teaching the benefits of being frugal with our hard earned sen is wise & prudent.

letting the young ones possibly carry the weight of that decision, can be 'discomforting' to young shoulders maybe.

is that i'd agree Miri sadly lacking decent Gent's hair-dresser...

William said...

Dougie, hahaha.... no leh. He is camera shy. He worried that his little brother will drop my exotic toy on his feet!

Hair style was never a concern to any of my children until the age when they enter uni. I think this is because they have interest somewhere else.

By the way, I think my hair cutting skill is not too bad.

Nice character is more important than nice hair. I will have to teach them that.

dougie said...

haha! lacking any nice character, i've needed to rely on expert stylists. is i'm sure the lads appreciate the time & effort their 'old man' gives them.

impressed with recall from primary 2. i can only vaguely remember at that age, the price of sweets; toffees for two pence, maybe once a week.

prices you have quoted may seem trivial to today's readers, but i strongly think that the significance of your article may be reflected in an Investment article, from last year, that stated: 'farmers of today will be the barons of tomorrow'.

i think if your family are still involved in farming, then you will soon be able to quote your own price, for any produce grown, & there certainly wont be any dumped or thrown away..